Monday, October 8, 2012

Well I just re-discovered my old blog and decided that writing about art, or literature, or good books, or even just human behaviour while I'm at Starbucks, could fall into the category of "dancing about architecture" so I'll keep the title. Anytime we are creating something by observing what others have created, we are doing the dance.

I am, at 50+, taking a classicial literature course at my city's most prominent university. I absolutely love it. We are reading and discussing the "great books" including Bible selections, Homer's Odyssey, The Consolation of Philosphy, Dante's Inferno etc etc. Did you read these in school? I read some, but, like a novel or even a movie, we bring different energy to what we take in at different stages of our lives. I love the perspective of life that my class brings to these works. There are 8 of us, mostly women "of a certain age" like me, some maybe a bit lonely or bored, but still anxious to learn.

On the everyday reading front, I am currently "cheating" on my book club list and instead inhaling a fantastic, funny read called "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" by Maria Semple. If you've read and like Jonathan Franzen, you'll love Semple. Funny, irreverant, poignant, she provides a side-eye at modern life with tongue firmly in cheek.  I highly recommend it.

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