Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Does this ever happen to you? You're engrossed in a good book and read a particularly inspiring passage and wish you could lift it from the page and take it with you? It kept happening to me until I finally got around to keeping a notebook on the side table where I read. The result is I get to share some of my favourite gems with you now:

"Whoever chose the paint, I decided, wanted to ensure that anyone who wasn't sick when they entered the hospital jolly well would be when they left."
~Flavia de Luce, as per Alan Bradley

Flavia is Bradley's marvellously funny 11 year old heroine is his mystery series. I just love her!

"He began by stating that he could find no words to express his shock and abhorrence, and then proceeded to find a great number, few of them appropriate and none of them helpful."
~from P.D. Jame's "Death Comes to Pemberley"

If one could say "oh snap!" to a 19th century reproach, here's where you'd do it. Fantastic, and haven't we all thought this at one time or another?

One more, because I can't resist:

"A fat, balding man stepped out of the car as we approached. His top teeth jutted out at an angle, peeping out from under his lip as though looking to see if the coast was clear, so they might escape."
~Bryce Courtenay, "The Power of One"

Just a fabulous visual description

I'll keep reading and scribbling and hope you do to. Reading is such a magical world.

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