Monday, October 8, 2012

I just re-discovered this blog, originally created to provide my genius observations on home design (ha). I am raising it from the ashes, and keeping the name, because I figure any writing design to comment on what others have created, from art to literature, books, music or what people do in everyday life, can be part of the "dance".

I am taking a classical literature course at the Continuing Studies School of my city's largest university. I absolutely love it! Most of us (there are about 8) are "women of a certain age", some perhaps a bit lonely or bored, but all with the fire to learn still burning brightly. We are reading and discussing everything from Dante's Inferno to Homer, St. Augustine and more. Like novels and even movies, the energy and perspective we bring to works can really change how we look at them. Did you read any of these classics in school? I read some, but why did they go "in and out one ear"? Or did I just not have the life experience, empathy and dare I say wisdom, to give them their due? It's great to have even a bit of that to bring now. Such an enjoyable class.

In everyday reading, I am "cheating" on my book club list and taking the recommendation of my good friend (and voracious reader) Nancy. I'm reading "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" by Maria Semple. If you like Jonathan Franzen, you will love this book! Semple provides a wonderfully irreverent side-eye at modern living, with razor sharp wit and funny and poignant observations. I highly recommend this book.

In upcoming posts, I'm going to start sharing some great little quotes from books I have recently read. I (try to) keep a notebook next to me and sometimes jot down memorable thoughts and quotes. Look for that soon.  Until then, hope you enjoy my renewed blog!

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